Why You Should Use SVG Images on Your Website?

Why You Should Use SVG Images on Your Website?

Branded and custom visuals are improbably valuable by serving to you communicate you’re complete, produce additional visual expertise, and provide your company a singular look.


That being aforementioned, fuzzy and pixelated visuals or visuals that take forever to load is your worst nightmare—or, at least, a designer’s worst nightmare. Do not worry! With some tiny changes, you will be able to succeed with good-looking user expertise in no time. All you have to do is save those nice logos and custom visuals in an SVG format.

What is this SVG you speak of?

Developed within the Nineties (19s), the climbable Vector Graphics (SVG) format is an Associate in Nursing XML-based vector image format for 2nd graphics. verify this post for additional facts and figures concerning the SVG format.


Now, albeit you techies out there may recognize specifically what we tend to ar talking concerning, here’s what that means: The SVG format uses text to explain however a graphic component or a vector image can look.


Yep, you scan that right! A bunch of text is creating those cool visuals online and in print. A text-based format for a picture sounds a touch unreasonable, right? Here’s why it matters.


The traditional format used for net pictures is JPEG. JPEGs work best for real-life pictures like images. However, if you save your custom visuals as JPEG they’ll be rasterized, which means that pixels are allotted to a grid.


Once rasterized, you can not edit or size the first content. as a result of the SVG format depending on the text, they need no preset size or grid. SVG depends on vectors, or lines and shapes rather than pixels. No additional worrying concerning fuzzy, blurry, or pixelated visuals.

Raster vs. vector pictures

SVG’s name offers it away: these files were created to be climbable. measurability permits pictures and graphics to look clearly in any size. For the online, this suggests your visuals are crisp across all completely different screen sizes and resolutions.


Without a size or grid to stress concerning, SVG files are abundant smaller, which might improve quicker website loading time. As for print, you’ll be able to send your visuals off to the printer while not having to stress a few fuzzy posters or banners.

Editability & improvement

SVGs have the additional advantage of simple editability. whereas rasterized pictures like JPEGs are terribly troublesome, if not not possible, to edit, SVG files are emended by employing a text editor or, of course, employing a vector graphics redaction tool like Adobe artist.


Simply saving those nice visuals in Associate in Nursing SVG format can facilitate them to look clean and delightful on each screen and at each size. SVG files tend to be abundant smaller than different formats, like JPEG and GIF. you’ll be able to even optimize your SVG files by simplifying your vectors and pressing the file. Smaller files mean quicker loading times and higher improvement for your one-of-a-kind website pages.

SEO advantages

SVG pictures will improve your site’s program improvement in additional ways in which than user expertise. Another additional advantage of SVG being a text-based format is that search engines will scan, crawl, and index your pictures.


With different pictures, search engines want titles and descriptions. So, as to scan your pictures which suggest that search engines can’t crawl the particular contents of your image. If you like your titles and tags, you’ll be able to still embrace keywords Associate in Nursingd descriptors. In an SVG text to assist search engines scan and crawl your visuals even higher.

How to get SVG pictures   

To convert your pre-existing files to SVG format. Open up your supply get in Adobe artist or Photoshop Associate. In Nursingd export a brand new version of the file as an SVG. If that entire sentence looks manner too discouraging. You’ll be able to notice simple file converters online which will convert your files for you. Yes, it’s extremely that simple!