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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are PNG files?

PNG stands for portable network graphics.PNG is an uncompressed image file that is widely used. These images could have a transparent background. This image format is the reciprocal of JPG image format.

2 Are jpg and PNG files being same?

No, JPG and PNG files are not the same. Both files are reciprocal to each other. Both jpg and PNG are different from each other in every single aspect.

3What is the difference between JPG and PNG?

Here are some of the differences between jpg and PNG.

  • JPG images are raster images.
  • PNG images are raster images.
  • JPG images are loosely compressed.
  • PNG images are uncompressed.
  • JPG images have a solid background.
  • PNG images can have a transparent background.

4 How to convert JPG images to PNG online for Free?

one can convert JPG images to PNG for free by using our tool located at URL

5 Can I remove the background of the image while converting it into PNG?

No, you can’t remove the background of the image while converting it from jpg to PNG. Image background remover is a proper tool that will be introduced soon on ConvertJPG.

6 What will be the output of the JPG to PNG converter?

The output of the jpg to PNG converter will be a PNG format file with a .png extension. The background of the output image will not be transparent.

7 Can I convert PNG images back to jpg?

Presently, we are not providing PNG to JPG converter. The only service that we are providing related to JPG and PNG is JPG to PNG converter.