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Frequently Asked Questions

1What are SVG files?

SVG stands for scalable vector graphics. SVG is an image format that is based on XML languages. It uses mathematical structures for data representation. The extension of SVG files is .svg.

2 How can I convert JPG to SVG online for free?

One can convert JPG files to SVG online for free by using our “JPG to SVG” tool at URL

3What is the difference between JPG and SVG images?

  • JPG images are the raster image format and SVG images are the text images
  • JPG images are based on a loose compression algorithm and SVG images are based on Mathematical structure representation.
  • JPG images have .jpg extensions and JPG images have .jpg extensions SVG images have .svg extensions
  • JPG images pixelate on zoom and SVG images do not pixelate on zoom.

4Can I convert SVG images back to JPG?

Presently, the only service we are providing related to JPG and SVG is “JPG to SVG”. So, we are unavailable for SVG to JPG service.

5Is JPG to SVG conversion is free or paid?

JPG to SVG is a fully free service to use from our website. One can convert JPG to SVG for personal or business purposes for free.

6 What will be the output of the JPG to SVG converter?

The output of JPG to SVG will be an SVG file with a .svg extension. This file will be a vector file based on mathematical structural representation.

7 Can I convert multiple jpg images to SVG?

No, you can convert only a single JPG image to SVG at a single time.

8Do jpg to SVG only changes the extension of the file?

No, JPG to SVG is a proper tool that changes your jpg image to SVG completely. In JPG to SVG, Rasters are converted into vectors and the final output contains vectors.