Thanks for visiting our site. Your privacy is very important to us. That is why we are defining all the processes how we collect your information and data and can we use it. The statements you are reading our privacy policy. We are all about JPG conversions. Our website is “ConvertJPG”. As we are providing some services on the internet, we also have some privacy policies that must be followed by one who visits our website and avail of our services. These policies are for the visitors ease so that there is no any problem in future

Some about us

We are ConvertJPG, from Pakistan, providing our services globally via a website. The aim is to provide ease for the people and businesses which suffer some problems while working with jpg images. Many other sites are providing these services but these are paid and do not deliver quality work. To overcome ConvertJPG is introduced. Here is a list of our services

  • JPG to PDF
  • JPG to SVG
  • JPG to GIF
  • Image Compressor
Jpg to Pdf Converter, as declared by name, will convert your Jpg Images into Pdf. One can use one or more images so that it will give you proper output. Jpg to SVG Convertor Will convert your Jpg Images to SVG Format. It will not only Changes the extensions but gives you output in vectors form. JPG to PNG converts your JPPG image into PNG with respect to formats. image to animation will convert user uploaded pictures in a slideshow using user-selected different animation styles. Image compressor will compress your image and will reduce the size up to 50% without reducing the quality of the image These all services are 100% free and one can avail these services at our website


We declare that the site “convert jpg to” located at URL have been Originally developed for the User. This site is working as SAAS (system as a software). These services are bbout JPG images and are free of cost. We do not have any contests with other sites or do not have any partnerships. This Website has been genuinely developed for the ease of the people.

Info we collect

We do not collect any of your personal information such as first name, last name, emails, and passwords. It Is because there are no sign-in/ signup options. The only thing we collect is the Email addresses that the user inserts for subscriptions. These emails are used to send the latest updates related to the website. The other information is used to better the user experience guide and progress of this website. We do not sell any type of information to third parties for any purpose.


Our services are fully free of cost for anyone. We are providing 100% free services globally without any hidden charges. One just has to Visit This site located at URL and can use Services about JPG images free of cost.

GDPA data security and protection

The data you upload to the site is 100% safe and secure and instantly deleted after you left the site. There is no database to store the data of any type you upload on the site.


ConvertJPG allows dart cookies because is it using google as a third-party ad Partner. as the google ads Need some Dart cookies, that’s why some of the cookies will be installed to Your browser. Otherwise, there is no any special cookie on the Website.

Children information

As This site is open for the Public and does not have any rules, so a legal internet user can visit ConvertJPG at URL . Normally The children under 13 are not allowed to use These sites

Privacy updates

Our privacy policy can be changed or update at any instant. This will be due to some updates in the website services or for some other reasons. To get the updates of our sites you can subscribe to us to get E-mail updates.

Contact us

We do our 100% to provide quality and hustle free services, But if by chance you have any issue or want some helps or guidelines, you can contact us or mail us at