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All rights of this site are reserved. The intellectual property right of this website is own by the owner of Website. There are some rules while suing this site. The access to this site and the use of the tools is free but still there are some restrictions.

Republish of content

Every Content on the ConvertJPG is Copyrighted. This content is not for the commercial use. No one can

  • Republish this content
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  • Duplicity
There will be some Legal actions against those who violate these policies.

User guidelines

We have some written procedures that are mentioned on every specific page. Frequently Asked Questions are designed for the user guidelines and help. The Blog contain articles that ate related to the industry and it will help our users to explore more.


We Disclaimer that we are not concerned with any impact or illegal activity like injury or death. We are providing services as the user wants. We do not personal or team intention about anyone or anything related to the website.

Privacy Policy

Please read the Privacy policy


Our website does not have any Iframes except the famous website like YouTube. To get the Iframe of our website, one has to request us and the process will be carried out on paper work. There will be written approval for this. Otherwise, one is not eligible for having the iframe of ConvertJPG.

Hyperlinking to our content

The hyperlink of ConvertJPG website home page or any page of this site should be carried out in a solid written contract. There is the list of sites and organizations which can hyperlink to our content without any written approval:

  • Government Sites
  • Search Engines
  • Famous .com Sites
  • News Sites
Our Website also has some external links but we are not responsible for the content on that websites. We are just responsible for the content on our site at URL https://convertjpg.io

Right to make changes to this contract

The Website ConvertJPG team has right and power to make any changes to this terms and conditions and privacy policy. The team is no accountable to anyone.